Five Issues With Today’s Podcast shows


Nowadays, all person is required to do to start podcast is purchase the necessary equipment and podcast microphones online.  however, there are a lot of issues with audio broadcasting today.
1. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, not all views are worthwhile
Everyone shouts their opinions out loud in this day and age, but when you actually attend to what they have to say, you will find that they are not worth hearing. additionally, since some viewpoints can be offensive cruel, or even illegal, it is counterproductive to say anything at all, which is what the majority of podcasters do. 
2. Podcasts should not be shocking or obscene; rather, they should be amusing and educational 
Podcasts were designed with the intention of curating subjects and having guests speak on them, so the host should be knowledgeable about the subject matter. There are very few people who will sit down and utter the most absurd things to start conversations with shock value.
3. Podcasts reveal the ignorance, prejudice, and need for therapy among individuals.
When someone starts speaking incoherently and ignorantly on show, you can really see how damaged or hateful they are. They then risk damaging their image by revealing their illiteracy and mental instability.
4. On podcasts, people don’t feel obligated to tell the truth

Podcasters must adhere to journalistic norms of objectivity. You start a rumor about someone or something by claiming to know someone or to have seen something, even though no one can back up your claims. That is insufficient.

5. Not everyone should launch a show
With nothing new to give in terms of value, the market for podcasts is becoming saturated, and it’s turning into a craze. Even if you must publish video material, there are a variety of other inventive shows you can produce; it is not required to be a podcast.




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