AKA, The South African Rapper Who Died After Being Fatally Shot In A Restaurant, Was Allegedly The Target Of An Assassination, According To Police


Police are of the opinion that assassination was the likely motive for the gunshot death of South African rapper AKA, 35. 
In the coastal city of Durban, AKA, whose actual name was Kiernan Forbes, was fatally shot in the head on February 10. In the shooting incident, he lost his close buddy, celebrity chef Tibz Motsoane. Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, the director of the KwaZulu -Natal police, claims that AKA was shot in the side of the head at close range after being approached from behind by a gunman.
After the fact, second shooter allegedly fired several shots in an effort to scatter onlookers from the site of the hit. Police think they are familiar with the identities of the two shooters, according to numerous reports. 
According to numerous reports, police are working to use the suspect’s data to follow the two shooters’ movements before the shooting because they think they know who they are. The identities of every person at the site of the shooting in Durban are also being verified by police officials.

Police Commissioner, Lt. Gen. Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi recently gave an update on the investigation, revealing that while AKA was the target, almost any bystander present during the shooting could’ve been taken out.

“We know that the aim was to first kill AKA, and the second suspect could have killed any other [person] because they fired a couple of shots – so anybody who was on the way could have been hit,” Mkhwanazi said.

AKA will be laid to rest on February 18 after being laid to rest at a memorial ceremony held at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg on February 17. The victim;s father, Kiernan Forbes, asked that fans and social media users refrain from making assumptions about AKA’s shooting death and instead concentrate on providing his son ” a dignified send-off.”
Data from the Institute for Security Studies indicate an increase in contract killings in South Africa. 
They frequently have numerous attackers and targets and are connected to gang and organized crime activity. The majority of the time, the murder is carried out by assailants who have been hired by a third party in return for a monetary reward or other benefits.
Watch the in-depth, exclusive video discussing the AKA probe.
AKA started his career in 2004 as member of the rap group Entity, which received nomination for Best African Rap Group at the 2005 KORA Awards. From there, AKA developed into popular single performer. AKA has received numerous honors over the years, including mentions for the MTC Europe Music Award and Black Entertainment Television (BET) Award in the US. AKA posted on his personal social media account hours before his untimely death to advertise his forthcoming album, Mass Country. AKA’s record is anticipated to be released posthumously later the month, despite his passing.
The World People Talk sends its condolences to the late rapper’s family and close associates.





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